When there’s something he wants to do, he’ll do it!

This quote has been said by countless teachers, parents, and bosses around the world. But isn’t it true?

Why do we lament the fact that students want to do the things they want to do? We need to use this to our advantage! There are all kinds of things that students will do just because they are interested in them.

Are we giving assignments that we can accept a zero for? Isn’t that a waste of our time? If we are able to let a student get away with not doing certain assignments, we need to assign different things. It makes so much sense, but hearing Rick Wormeli say it to our district’s teachers was a great reminder.

We continue to ask why our students won’t do the assignments, but let’s start to focus on the things that students will do! Make a student drop their jaw or beg to find something out. There’s real value in many things that our children are excited to do. We just need to be willing to find it.