#AMLE2013 Quotes

There were so many amazing things said over the weekend. As I take you on a tour through my notes, here are some of the quotes (or as close as I could get) that stood out to me:

“They will suffer through this miserable instruction later, so we better make them miserable now.” – Rick Wormeli

It really is cringe-worthy to hear someone say this. Let’s stop making excuses like this and start getting better. We don’t need to hide behind those excuses and blame others.

” ‘You’re out of control!’ is just like ‘For the next 30 seconds, don’t think of chocolate cake.” – Monte Selby

If we want a behavior to change, just pointing at it isn’t going to help! Give the child something to do instead.

“The kids better be more psyched to read and write when you leave them than when they came to you.” – Jeffrey Wilhelm

Build the excitement and the love!

“When the butt goes numb, the brain goes dumb.” – Kim Campbell

Let’s move more often! I am sick of getting stuck in a rut for too long in class. I need to do myself and my kids a favor and switch things up more often.

” ‘I don’t have pencil.’ Who’s fault is that? Yours! You let them in the room… You don’t enter my room unless you’re ready to learn.” – Jack Berckemeyer

If I could avoid hearing a student tell me that they didn’t have something, it would make my day!

And lastly, a serious one:

If the kids can see the target and know where they are in relation to the target, they hit it overwhelmingly more often than if they do not. – Rick Wormeli

It is time for me to help my students understand what their learning goals are and to be able to articulate them.

Sometimes I wish I could write faster…


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